Enhancement of Self Help

Natural disasters in Europe demand introduction of a common and professional European strategy for disaster relief. Currently, European citizens are still inadequately informed or motivated to develop and further their own self-help skills. However, the issue is of concern to all age groups and all strata of society.

Formal and non-formal training and learning programs therefore need to be connected in a way that furthers self-help practice, so the potential for damage in emergencies through can be reduced through committed and competent assistance.

The objective of the e-self help project is to develop an attractive and exciting European, PC-based 'e-self help' learning game for a young target group of students and business college students between 12 and 16 years of age in order to interest and recruit young people all over Europe for self-help themes. The PC-based 'e-self help' learning game combines informal learning in the area of self-help support. It presents complex everyday situations and demands that the user makes decisions on solutions in simulated emergency situations. These activities are designed to motivate players to prevent or eliminate damage done to persons or objects. The basic idea is to instil both a sense of forward-thinking behaviour and foresight as well as awareness of what responsible and social action can achieve. So that they are aware of the importance of self-help, can put self-help methods to practical use and are able to spread the word. So the players are trained in important character skills, such as personal responsibility.

Activities will take place all over Europe, adapted for multicultural use and in several languages (ENG, DE, GR, LV, NO, TR, SLO).

The game shall be accompanied by a professional e-self help community as well as by a brochure. Using clear, youthful language, design and ideas the community shall introduce young people to the concept of proper relief aid and help. The e-self help brochure represents the game handbook and provides valuable information on 'Advancing Self-Help in Europe'.

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